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TASTER Online Training Class: Using a Marker

You can train your dog across the board with just one word - your Marker. It's the word you will need to begin any new skill which will form the basis of your dog's good behaviour. This word will act as confirmation to your dog that they have done something 'right' when they are working on something new, and help to not only speed up the learning process but also reinforce the results.

Before you begin any training whatsoever, having a strong marker that your dog recognises as being the signal they have done something correctly at every stage is immensely useful in establishing strong working communication between you. It enables you to distinctly 'mark' each moment your dog behaves in a way you want to establish, encourage or reinforce and learn new skills and behaviours smoothly and with great success every time.

Start your dog's new training journey today with Episode 16: Using a Marker Word.


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