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The Labrador

The Labrador is the most popular of pedigree breeds with over 35,000 in the UK, and is also the most popular K9 Anytimer! Labradors are highly versatile and well loved as family pets, working gun dogs, service dogs and guide dogs, originating from Newfoundland, Canada where they helped fishermen retrieve lost lines, haul nets and pull fish carts. Labradors are a large breed who are energetic, playful and athletic, suited to an active lifestyle with more than 2 hours of exercise a day. Their short coats are perfect for shaking off the muddiest of walks without a trace, but don't be fooled! Despite their short coats Labradors do shed, and will need regular brushing and bathing to keep your home fluff free and their coats in best condition.

Labradors are intelligent and highly trainable and can reach impressive levels of obedience with consistent and committed training, whether this is to take out to work in the field or simply be the perfect family companion with impeccable manners.

Reliable and trustworthy, outgoing and high-spirited, Labradors are generally excellent with people, other dogs, children and strangers, meaning they are also a brilliant breed for first time owners, who will find their dog to be loving, devoted and eager to please.

Labradors' serious love for food will come in very useful during training, but can also see their susceptibility to obesity be higher than others. A careful and consistent diet is in the hands of the human to ensure that their munch-mad lab stays trim and healthy.

A strong all-rounder, there is little a Lab can't do. Perfect pet, working search and retriever or scent dog, athletic sportsman, obedience champion,. However, if you're looking for a guard dog, your Lab would sooner befriend any baddies than ward them off...


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