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Variety is the Spice of Life

There are a vast range of nutrients found across human and animal food sources, from the soil, to the plants, to the animals - this giant intertwined web is called "Food Biodiversity", and is crucial for both humans and animals and their health.

We wouldn't feed a child toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week, and yet it is globally "acceptable" to feed dogs the exact same dry, preservative, additive and colouring filled food for every meal, every day for their entire lives.

Variety in a dog's meals over the course of a week is essential to emulate the way they have been eating in the wild throughout their evolution over 45 million years. A lack of variety and diversity across your dog's meals, or worse, none at all, can lead to gut sensitivities and intolerances as a result of eating the same food again and again. Many standard kibble brands are also packed out with fillers and empty calories such as various carbohydrates, which bring no nutritional benefit, but often a lot of sugar, to your dog's diet, easily contributing to unnecessary weight gain.

Varied ingredients across your dog's meals day to day, week to week includes a vast number of different vitamins, amino acids and essential nutrients for their proper function and growth. The variety of a raw diet not only brings your dog freshness and nourishment at every meal, but can also;

- Reduce your dog's susceptibility to allergies

- Increase their water intake and reduce risk of kidney and digestive problems

- Strengthen gut tolerance with improved digestive bacteria

- Bring excitement back to mealtimes

So what are you waiting for? Our dogs are reliant on us for their food, it's time we feed them what they deserve.

Want to know more about raw feeding or how you can vary your dog's diet? Send us a message on Facebook to kick start your dog's new diet, today!


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