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Why fish is your dog's friend

Fish can be a great component of a well balanced and varied diet. As a relatively low saturated fat protein which is generally easy to digest, it can even be beneficial to dogs with intolerances and allergies as a novel protein.

An essential source of Omega-3, fish provides the fatty acids fundamental to a shiny coat and healthy, hydrated skin, as well as a source of collagen in aid of elderly dogs' bones and joints. The Omegas found in fish help to support the immune system, lower the risk of heart disease and cholesterol, and can relieve joint and muscle tension. Just as we would take a fish oil tablet for general wellbeing, fish can bring those same glorious benefits to your dog in their daily meals.

Cold pressed fish oils, rather than using heat extraction or chemical solvents, ensures that the important fatty acids and other nutrients are not broken down and their quality affected, and as with all components of your dog's diet, the less processed, artificial or preserved and as close to the original product as possible - the better!

Add fish to your dog's diet in their food, treats or supplementary oils, today!


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