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Your Dog's Boarding Soundtrack

Noise levels in traditional dog boarding kennels are known to be stressful to dogs. Alongside causing anxiety, the noise levels can negatively impact their welfare and even seriously damage their health. The human and dog hearing systems are similar, and studies suggesting that prolonged exposure to loud noise can damage and even destroy hearing in humans indicate that such noise levels may have similar adverse effects on dogs.

In fact, dogs might be more at risk of sustaining hearing damage and experiencing distress in loud environments due to the fact that they are able to detect a wider range of sounds than humans (up 30 30 kHz more to be precise). Exposure to hazardous noise levels can also lead to behavioural and physiological responses, such as a suppressed immune system, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease and intestinal problems.

The bark of a single dog can reach 100 dB and sound levels range from 85-100 dB in dog kennels. In humans, hearing loss has been reported at 85 dB, exposure to sounds greater than 90 dB for longer than 8 hours can result in serious hearing damage and exposure to sounds above 140 dB can cause immediate damage and physical pain. Dogs (and indeed staff) are at risk of damage to their hearing, decreased quality and quantity of sleep, reduced reproductive and cardiovascular function, disturbed sleep-wake cycles, and can even negatively impact their ability to communicate with other dogs.

While most noise in kennels is produced by dogs, there are a lot of other sounds to consider in a traditional kennel which combine to create a noisy and stressful environment. The use of pressure washers used to hose down concrete kennels, clanging food and water bowls and staff themselves. Dogs in cages being able to see humans and other dogs, but not be able to get to them to say hello only contributes to the propensity to bark due to barrier frustration.

K9 Anytime Luxury Dog Hotel has, well, none of those problems. Private bedrooms mean your dog is snuggled up as if they were in their own living room; curled up warm and cosy on the sofa with a blanket or playing with their favourite toys. Classical and reggae music playing in their rooms has been proven to reduce anxiety and have a calming effect on dogs which our K9 Anytimers enjoy any time they're chilling inside. Our exclusive number of bedrooms mean that our capacity is limited, and that every dog in our care is able to enjoy 1-1 undivided care and attention from our staff, unlimited outdoor playtime and company or alone time whenever they like. Spending their days getting proper exercise and socialisation means that dogs staying in K9 Anytime Luxury Dog Hotel enjoy sound a sound night's sleep, peaceful,  undisturbed, and well earned after a long day of play!

The calm, caring and homely environment at K9 Anytime eliminates the need for stress barking, our barn conversion means each room is sound insulated from any outdoor noise and our countryside location means our pups are so peaceful that visitors to K9 Anytime always asking; are there any dogs here...?

So, what would your dog prefer, Bark or Mozart?


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