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Your dog's new career at K9 Anytime

Scent boxes are sealed medical grade steel containers that can be filled with a whole host of engaging and curious smells designed to tap in to their most sensitive and reliable sense.

The scent gardens in our daycare paddocks provide the perfect spot of respite during a busy day. Engaging our dogs’ olfactory system and tapping into their inherent impulse to examine and explore their surrounding with their nose, our scent boxes are filled with a rotating range of stimulating smells each week. As one of their most natural modes of communication, scentwork provides opportunity for a quiet and calm decompression activity as well as keeps their constructive curiosity ticking over.

While dogs have been following their noses since they first set paws on the earth, the concept of “bottling” a scent in these boxes and working dogs around them stems from detection dog work spanning, Medical Detection, Police Dog training for human tracking, substance surveillance, security and more.

Most recent are developments in dogs detecting COVID-19 and cancer, as well as the ever expanding wealth of experience dogs are accruing in personal medical alert assistance dogs across allergies, diseases, diabetes, mental health and more.

As we speak, expert dogs (and some humans) are conducting pioneering research in a big to develop faster, more efficient and less invasive diagnostics.

It all starts in one place could your dog be discovering their new career at K9 Anytime?

Read more about the awe-inspiring work taking place across the UK here.


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