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& the kitchen sink...

While you provide their food for your dog's stay with us at K9 Anytime Luxury Dog Hotel, we are able to provide everything else your dog might need during their vaycay (instant regret for saying vaycay.) We have beds. We have blankets. We have pillows. We have sofas. We have armchairs. We have music. We have CCTV. We have tiny little hand carved ceramic doggy caricatures which the dogs definitely notice and admire for their craftsmanship.

So! You're more than welcome to turn up with a tupperware and your pup, and Bob's your uncle.* Or, you're even more welcome to turn up with their beds, their toys, their brushes, their outfits, their toothbrushes, posters, carpets and curtains. We're happy either way.

*Please don't bring your Uncle Bob.

K9 Anytime Doggy Daycare & Luxury Dog Hotel


01952 730333

Telford | Shifnal | Wolverhampton | Shrewsbury | Bridgnorth | Shropshire

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