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Handstripping 101

Handstripping is a dog grooming technique commonly used on certain breeds, particularly those with wiry or coarse coats like terriers. It involves manually removing dead or loose hairs from the dog's coat by plucking them out using the fingers or specialized stripping tools.

This process helps maintain the colour, texture and appearance of the dog's coat for a more natural look and feel, as well as encourages the growth of new, healthy hair. Handstripping is not readily available in grooming salons due to the specific knowledge and skillset required to execute the style safely and correctly, and is typically performed by experienced groomers familiar with the technique as it requires skill and patience to do effectively without causing discomfort to the dog. Additionally, handstripping is often done in stages to prevent discomfort and maintain the integrity of the coat.

K9 Anytime Grooming, of course, offer handstripping to suit all manner of wiry and coarse haired breeds.

It is not recommended that parents try to strip their dog themselves at home, as it's very easy to overstrip. Strip too much and you can cause great discomfort for your dog, pulling on hair that is not loose or ready to come or even creating bald spots in the process. Strip too little and your dog will be left with hair that will continue to shed. Strip unevenly and your dog's coat will be patchy and shapeless, and you may even be damaging their natural or breed standard and specific lines and shapes, to which your groomer will know to adhere.

As with all things grooming, it is always best left to the professionals who have the knowledge, experience, skills and tools to meet your dog's needs perfectly every single time.


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