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Dog to Dog Play

As pet parents we need to know what good, healthy play looks like and when to intervene to give our pups (or the other dog) a break. It's thought that to be well socialised, and able to cope and react appropriately with other dogs, our pups need to have at least 10 doggy friends of all different shapes and sizes that they meet up with on a regular basis. Group walks with friends, organised play dates and doggy day care are just some of the ways you can help your pup increase their social circle.

During play with other dogs our pups will practise a variety of skills that would have been useful for catching food and communicating with others e.g. stalking, chasing, mouthing and wrestling.

If play is getting out of hand and you're unsure if one or both of the dogs is still enjoying it then periodically doing a "consent test" is vital to ensure that shy dogs don't become fearful and confident dogs don't learn to bully. Check out this video for a variety of ways you can check if the pups are still enjoying playtime.


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