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K9 Anytime | The Memorial

In honour of K9 Anytimers passed, a forever tribute to those we have lost along the way stands proud at the entrance of K9 Anytime. Carved into our foundations, handcrafted with love.

Engraved brass leaves the blow gently from the hand carved slate tree in an elegant, natural and timeless design. As the installation ages, the metal & stone will wear and weather together, becoming one with the foundations of K9 Anytime itself.

Our dogs are the very reason we are fortunate enough to do what we do, and inspired us to create a forever memorial in honour of those who have joined us on our journey. Some of the names featured are dogs who have spent many years with us, some even since our very first weeks of opening back in 2017.

With thanks to them and their parents.

K9 Anytimers forever.


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