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Online Class: Distractions on a Walk

One of the most common complaints from dog parents is a change in their behaviour as soon as someone or something else appears; they have a pup that can walk perfectly to heel, recall every single time, sit and wait, solve a Rubik's cube and do a Sudoku when they're alone together, but as soon as another dog appears it all goes out of the window, their dog ignores them and is off on their own adventures.

It's important your dog remembers that you are on the other end of the lead and considers you first. Your dog having a propensity to ignore you can not only be highly frustrating, but potentially very dangerous - it might not be safe for your dog to approach another, they may be careering towards a busy road or wandering into private property. Whatever happens, they need to be able to listen to you as a first port of call, then, with your approval and permission, they can be free to roam, to greet, to play, to run.

Defeat the distractions on your dog walk with this class, and rewire reactivity, impatience and overexcitement into good manners, cooperation and a rewarding experience for the both of you with Episode 6: Distractions on a Walk.


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