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Online Training Class: Stay & Settle

Working from home is now the norm, and we we have all set up office alongside our dogs to spend the days together, it's important your dog understands when it's time to work and when it's time to play.

As many of our dogs are used to going it alone during the day with the house to themselves, suddenly there's an intruder. Now the parents are here, like, all the time too. And when the parents are here, that means go time. It means walks, it means meals, it means cuddles, it means attention, it means play time, it means you can't get any work done. At all.

Teaching your dog to settle in their bed or in a room where they can keep themselves occupied while you get on with what you need to during the working day is invaluable now more than ever. Teaching your dog to enjoy their own company for a few hours at a time is your WFH secret!

Watch Episode 3: Settle today!


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