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Online Training Class: Stop Jumping Up

Particularly prevalent in young dogs, or dogs who have grown up learning that jumping up at their humans gets them something they want, it can be a frustrating habit that's tough to break.

Your dog might jump up for a variety of reasons; excitement, attention, impatience, or just bad manners. It can be the ruin of your fresh work clothes, antisocial and unwelcome around strangers or guests, dangerous for small children, the elderly or those who are unprepared to me jumped all over, and sometimes just plain irritating. The habit forms from humans rewarding the behaviour, ie. every time their dog jumps up, they get something they wanted. This might be a treat, a cuddle, or even a telling off - but to many dogs, even being moved off or told "No" is just the thing they were looking for - attention and engagement from their human.

Even if your dog jumps up persistently and knows no different, it is never too late to relearn their manners, some self control and the art of patience. Once your dog learns that jumping up at people gets them nowhere, we have a blank canvas ready to learn what works.

It's time to reprogram that behaviour with Episode 4: Stop Jumping Up today!


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