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Raw or Cooked?

The emergence of cooked dog food in today's market is fuelled by humans' insistence on emulating their own diet for their dogs. Roast Chicken Dinner, Lamb Hot Pot, Beef Casserole, Fish Pie and the like can all be found as options for our dogs' dinners these days, but the BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) suggests that we leave the human food to the humans, and the dogs to the diet that has served them over them over thousands of years' evolution; Raw.

Cooked dog food can either be ultra proceed, cooked several times at high temperatures, or cooked more gently in preservation of recognisable ingredients much like a "home cooked meal".

Naturally, dogs would never consume cooked food, a raw food diet is what they would naturally pursue and eat. In cooking, heating and processing the ingredients as cooked food brands do, much of the food's nutritional value and benefit is lost, and synthetic additives, flavourings and preservatives are often added by way of replacement.

The simplicity of a raw diet is a maximally nutritional, easily digestible and 100% natural food, the ingredients of which dogs' bodies recognise and can process. Raw food is rich in natural enzymes and amino acids that support their digestive systems, which are destroyed and not replaced during cooking.

Feed Natural. Feed Raw.


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