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Socialisation - what's the point?

When it comes to successful dog parenthood, socialisation IS the point! The very essence of a dog's nature, character, personality, behaviour and obedience comes down to their socialisation; how much they've had, how it was conducted, how varied it was and more...

The three pillars of a confident, well rounded, resilient and fundamentally happy dog are;

Intra-species socialisation - with fellow dogs

Inter-species socialisation - with other species (humans, sheep, etc)

Environmental socialisation - with surroundings, textures, sounds, objects etc

Working on these three areas from puppyhood and continually throughout adulthood equip your dog to be able to respond to and cope with a wide variety of stimuli with confidence.

Introducing your dog to a diverse range of dogs in safe social settings will teach them the social ropes of the dog world, how to interact with dogs that differ from them in size, breed, energy & play style, as well as how to be completely indifferent to dogs when the need arises.

Being well versed in inter-species socialisation helps dogs to reduce "stranger danger" anxieties, be comfortable with different humans in their own space as well as in public, be relaxed in the absence of their parents and be well acquainted with the wildlife we find around us.

By possessing the mental & emotional mechanisms to cope with changes in surrounding, unexpected occurrences and to fluidly adapt to change, environmental socialisation solidifies the base of your dog's sociability by providing all-round confidence in every situation in which they find themselves.

How does this benefit me?

A well socialised dog is a less distracted dog, a more obedient dog and a dog with whom you can communicate strongly. By removing the novelty from their surroundings, passing dogs, leaves blowing in the wind, changing textures underfoot and so on, your dog expends less energy taking in every ounce of the distraction-rich world around them and more energy on being in tune with you, being relaxed and being grounded.

No more wild goose chase around the park when they see a squirrel, no more hollering their name across a field when they've sniffed out another dog half a mile away, no more embarrassed shushing under the pub table as they bark at and tug towards passing ankles, no more pulling, no more jumping up, no more headache, much more enjoyment.

How do I do it?

K9 Anytime provides a distraction rich environment that socialises your dog across all three of the stimulus groups. The opportunity to socialise safely with a richly diverse cross section of dog society, with mentor dogs who lead by example, the experience to spend time under the care of humans outside of their direct family, being handled, lead and instructed by new faces and friends, and the richly stimulating environment filled with novel textures, smells, sounds and experiences.

Parents can't provide the resources and environment that is found at Doggy Daycare at home, nor do many have the time or tools to implement full and proper socialisation with consistency and expertise. Enlisting the help of experienced professionals takes the stress out of this training process, and a strong support network on hand with advice, experience and most importantly good knowledge of your own dog can pave the way for your dog's socialisation to run smoothly from the start!


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