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You heard it here first!

Don't just listen to us, hear it from the hundreds of K9 Anytimers who have made the switch from kibble to raw. This week we asked the K9 community what they noticed after transitioning onto a raw & natural diet, see below for just a handful of their replies...

"He stopped itching holes in his leg & his fur is gorgeous now too!"


“Constant tummy problems & vet trips stopped almost immediately!” Lacey

“Happier, healthier dog, shiny coat & most importantly less poop” Cali

“He licks the bowl clean, happy dog! We have another very sensitive dog who pulls her fur out with itching/allergies - not anymore!” Brody

“She suffered hot spots and since on raw her skin is much better. Their coat is so shiny since being on raw diet.” Daisy & Evie

“Her coat went from smelly greasy & dry to shiny gorgeous& no dog smell!” Tilly

“The poo! It went from runny and very smelly to dry and no smell at all. Pick up in one go and leaves no trace behind. A miracle!!” Cassie

"There’s no waste, their coats are shiny and one of them lost some much needed weight.” Scooby & Bailey

"Less poop, less smelly, shiny coat, happier dog. Most importantly no food waste!" Reggie

“So much calmer and generally better behaved. Still has his moments, but we noticed the improvements start once we eliminated all processed food & treats. It’s like he was less hyper” Stanley

Transition your dog onto raw food today! Click here for more info & how to get started...


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