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Do you have a fussy eater?

Does your dog pick at their food? Do they "graze" at the bowl when you put it down, turn their nose up & walk away? Do you have to add an assortment of "extras", "toppers" or "mixers" to entice your dog into eating?

You don't have a fussy eater, you have a dog who doesn't enjoy their food.

Processed food that is full of additives, preservatives, artificial flavourings and colourings may tell you they're what your dog needs to be eating on the packaging, but may in fact be causing your dog a lot more harm than good on the inside.

Does your dog smell like a dog? Have bad breath? Dirty teeth? Smelly & runny poo? Ear problems? Eye problems? Itchy skin? A dull coat? Allergies? Intolerances? The list goes on... Many of these factors can signal that the unintelligble ingredients in your dog's diet are causing inflammation or triggering allergies in your dog, which can in turn be a reason why they refuse their food in anticipation of the uncomfortable side effects that follow after eating.

Would you prefer to eat a plate of dry crackers or a bowl of fresh fruit? Which is better for you?

Changing your dog to a raw diet is exciting. While for humans eating raw meat feels counterintuitive, it is exactly what our dogs should be eating as per thousands of years of their evolution. Raw fed dogs don't have a "dog" smell, they have fresh breath, solid and small poos that don't smell either, reduced allergies, fewer vet trips & fuller pockets as a result.

Place 1 bowl of raw food in front of your dog & see what happens for yourself.


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